Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners in Rancho Cucamonga

Clear aligners are the modern twist on traditional braces. Unlike conventional braces, which are metallic and conspicuous, clear aligners are, as the name suggests, discreet and inconspicuous. Many people automatically think of Invisalign®️ when they hear of clear braces—and this reaction is warranted since the company is a significant player in the “invisible braces” market. However, different brands make clear aligners, and our dentist in Rancho Dentistry will let you know what your options are during your appointment.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

Clear aligners work just like traditional braces. That is, clear aligners reposition your teeth by placing gentle pressure on them and shifting them into healthier positions throughout the treatment period.

During your initial orthodontic appointment at Rancho Dentistry, our dentist will take x-rays, digital scans, and impressions of your teeth to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. Afterward, our dentist will come up with a treatment plan, including determining how many sets of clear aligners you’ll need, the duration of treatment as well as the schedule of your follow-up appointments.

Our dentist will give you information on how long you need to keep your aligners on each day—usually, it’s 22 hours, but this may vary depending on your unique case.

After treatment, you’ll wear retainers to ensure that your teeth maintain their new positions.

What Are The Advantages of Clear Aligners?

The fact that these aligners are discreet is a massive plus for patients who want to correct misalignment without drawing too much attention to themselves. Aligners can also be taken out—this allows you to eat, brush and floss comfortably, as well as attend to social situations without feeling awkward. It’s necessary to note that you shouldn’t remove your aligners for extended periods, as this could hinder effectiveness.

Should You Get Clear Aligners?

Our dentist in Rancho Cucamonga will assess your teeth to determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for clear aligners. Some cases of malocclusion may be too severe for clear aligners. In such cases, our orthodontist may recommend conventional metal braces.

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment and what to know what options you have, give Rancho Dentistry a call today. Our orthodontists are highly experienced and knowledgeable and always ready to make your dream smile a reality.