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Root Canal Treatment Post Operative Instructions, Rancho Cucamonga CA

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Please follow these home care instructions for after a root canal procedure:

  • Avoid any chewing until numbness has completely worn off.
  • It is normal for your tooth to be sore for 2-3 days after treatment. It may actually become more sore on the second day. Tenderness to biting may persist for up to two weeks following treatment but will gradually get better over time.
  • Generally, Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) is all that is needed for post-operative soreness. We strongly recommend that you take 600mg (three over-the-counter 200mg tablets) of Ibuprofen every six hours for two days, unless you have an allergy or sensitivity to Ibuprofen. At this dosage Ibuprofen has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a good idea to take the Ibuprofen even if the tooth is not sore to help prevent soreness in the next few days.
  • Your tooth only has a temporary filling at this time. Avoid chewing on the treated tooth until the permanent restoration is placed.
  • If antibiotics have been prescribed, it’s important that you take them for the full length of time indicated on the prescription, even if all signs of infection are gone.
  • If you have persistent discomfort or swelling, please contact our office right away at (909)944-2800.